• Quartz: The Drink Bottle with Killer Looks

    A lot of people these days carry their own water bottle around and you have a drawer or cupboard full of drink bottles that over time stopped getting used because they get a bit smelly. Thanks to Quartz that problem has been taken care of with their self cleaning...
  • Network based parental controls: Disney Circle coming to Netgear routers

    For parents, the challenges of managing “screen time” and web access for your children is one of the toughest there can be. There are apps that can help by device, but nothing can be more comprehensive than protection across your entire home network.   In the US Disney have...
  • Filtered water wherever you are: Katadyn BeFree drink bottle

    Designed for the hikers, trekkers and backpackers as well as those who love a camping trip and generally the great outdoors, this is a drink bottle that means you don’t have to worry about where you find your next water source. The BeFree from Katadyn is a soft water...
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