Volume of mobile payments up 140% in a year according to ANZ

We love our tap and go, and are loving it more on our mobile phones

You know what Aussies love? Convenience and simplicity and figures from ANZ show that the rise in Mobile Wallets is driving a huge change in the way we pay.

Data from the ANZ shows a significant rise in the volume of transactions made with a mobile wallet in the month of December, up 140% on the corresponding period with a peak on December 22 of over $200,000 in transactions.

We’re using our mobile wallets (Smartphones and wearables) for groceries mainly, as well as dining out and filling up the car with 62% of ANZ’s mobile wallet transactions happening in those locations.

And it seems Christmas shopping was the clear driver too – with 23% more transactions in December than the previous three-months.

Still a long way to go though, with these mobile payments amounting for just 4.5% of all transactions, which has more than doubled since the 2% this time last year.

It’s a strong sign of a growth that cannot be ignored, though as we know plenty of the biggest banks still deny their customers the simplest technologies such as Apple Pay.

Web: ANZ


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