George Foreman SuppMix: Mix those man shakes with ease

He's got his name on everything, including a micro mixer

When it comes to fitness you’ll head a whole heap about supplements and protein shakes if you go anywhere near a Gym or health store – but what are you going to mix them in?

Sure you can go to Woolies and get a large sealable flask of some sort, or perhaps something made specifically for this purpose – but then you’ve got to shake it too!

Enter the George Foreman SuppMix Supplement Mixer – yep, the man himself has put his name on a plastic flask that is more than meets the eye.

This little fella has a motor built into the lid, and a small mixing “wand” inside the cup.  Charged by MicroUSB the battery allows you to mix your supplements with just the touch of a button!

It all comes apart, so you can wash it all except the electrical bits, and you know what – it works.

Sure, I tried it with chocolate topping and full cream milk, not quite what George had in mind I’m sure, but it worked a treat!

Available for just $29.95, it’s great for the man shake user, or as an office or family Christmas gift for the bloke who’s shaking his shakes all day long.

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