Kia’s Sub $60,000 Sting in The Tail.

0-100km/h in just 4.9 seconds.

Kia’s Stinger performance GT will arrive on our shores with a sub-$60,000 recommended retail price. The Stinger has polarised Holden and Ford fans as they face the demise of the great Aussie performance sedan.

The Stinger is propelled by a 3.3-litre bi-turbo V6 range. With 272kW of power and 510Nm of torque a 4.9 second 0-100km/h dash is possible with a launch control feature.

The range will kick off at $48,990 for the S, $55,990 for the mid-spec Si and on to $59,990 for the real deal GT.

“It was critical for us to bring this car to as wide an audience as possible … something I believe we have achieved with the pricing we have been able to settle on,” Kia Motors Australia Chief Operating Officer, Damien Meredith said.

“From the outset, it was a goal to get a bi-turbo V6 into the market under $50,000. We have done that with room to spare.”

The announcement for the 3.3-litre pricing comes ahead of the Stinger’s October launch, a substantial number of buyers have already put down deposits not even knowing the final price. Pricing for the 2.0-litre model will be announced later.


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