Inside Sonos Boston, More than an Office!

We go behind the scenes on our first day with Sonos

Today we began our formalities of our time in Boston. We are guests of Sonos, along with media from 12 countries. We’ve had the privilege to hear from the leaders of Sonos and understand their future direction, current trends and an early preview of something new to come (which we cannot talk about).

The video below speaks for itself, so join me as we show you inside Sonos Boston.

At 10pm today we’ll have more information about today to share with you. Stay tuned.

If you missed the last two days of Boston Vlogs then you can catch up here:

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Day 2 here


Geoff Quattromani travelled to Boston as a guest of Sonos


You may have seen Geoff on YouTube where his tech videos saw millions of views or heard him while he talks tech across the radio waves. In his day job though he is an IT manager, a lover of Formula 1, great food and wine and obviously; technology.
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