EFTM: Disclosures & Commercial Interest

By Trevor Long; With over 20 years experience in the Media I’m all for full disclosure.  I’ve worked in or been associated with Talk-Radio for all of that time and have seen the good the bad and the ugly of commercial disclosure.  For that reason I’m keen to publish details of commercial arrangements I have to ensure my readers and listeners have the best chance of transparency around what I do.

These policies and approaches apply not only to me, but to Geoff and Chris who write for EFTM off their own bat while holding down full-time jobs.  Being Self-Employed, the transparency around this is important to me and I’m glad my views are shared by Geoff and Chris.  As the owner of EFTM, I feel the commercial activities here at EFTM reflect on me, and likewise the commercial activities of me Trevor Long reflect upon all the media outlets I report for, speak to, appear on and write for.

Editorial Policy

My editorial policy is very simple.  No one, no company, no amount of money can dictate my opinion or the topics I choose to talk about and write about.

Editorial Planning

In some outlets and appearances I have direct editorial control, for others I have none.  Topics and Items written about here at EFTM and on Your Tech Life are entirely my decision.  Topics I discuss on the radio across Australia each week are put together by me and pitched to the radio stations involved.  Each station will determine which if any they use as topics for the week, adding their own where they choose.  Television appearances are either the result of outreach from the program, or an idea pitched by me to the program.

Editorial Influence

I have never, and will never accept payment in return for a guarantee of publicity via any media channel.  Any post here at EFTM that is written externally will be labelled a Sponsored Post, while any advertorial content will be clearly labeled as such.

It should be noted that in many cases companies who take the time to meet me, work with me on their product announcements and overall have a more direct one to one approach to dealing with me will almost always have more success in actually having me understand their product or service which is in most cases the hardest part of getting to know a product – a difficult thing to do from just an email! Without question this can result in more articles and topics of discussion about a product, knowing something well can do that!

Sponsored Posts, Sponsored Tweets

To clarify – If a company wishes to post content on EFTM for a fee, we will consider it.  If we think it’s something that fits with our content approach we’ll take the money.  The posts will be authored by “Sponsored Post”.

On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, if we specifically accept money in return for posting the message, it will contain the hashtag #Spon (or #sp if we really can’t squeeze it in).  But frankly, that’s not our game – so don’t expect to see it much.  But yes, we can, will and enjoy promoting content we’ve worked on – sponsored content included, so we will at times link to sponsored content on our social media channels.

Funnily enough, we’re all pretty passionate about cars, technology and all things EFTM.  So please don’t confuse passion with “paid to”.  We’ll tweet what we want, when we want, about whomever we want – and you’ll know if we were paid to do so from the hashtag.

Our Travels

Being so far away from some of the biggest events in the world, in both Technology, Motoring and other areas – from time to time we are invited to attend events or product launches overseas, or travel to see things overseas as what is known as a “Media Famil” (Intended as a trip to Familiarise reporters with a product or company).  We intend to publish here on this page a regularly updated list of our travels, including the purpose of the trip, and who funded the travel.

Commercial Disclosure

I intend to publish here on this page a regularly updated list of commercial agreements that I have in place.  Given EFTM is my own business, this list refers to commercial arrangements with EFTM as a website, My podcasts or me as an individual.  

Advertisers,  Sponsors & Commercial Agreements

Ambassador Roles