• Who is Jayden K. Smith – has he hacked my Facebook?

    Yet another sucker scam is going around Facebook, spreading like wildfire but this time it’s a bit more personal.  It’s happening on Messenger Messenger is Facebook’s way of allowing one to one or one to many text chats, and when one comes in you kinda feel like its a...
  • Snapchat location warning: Snap Map has a dark side

    Social media juggernaut Snapchat has launched a new feature which is attracting a lot of attention, but one that should come with some very strict warnings for users – it’s called Snap Map and it allows people to see you on a map. Now let me be clear, I’ve...
  • SCAM WARNING: Think before you click – a Facebook warning

    Some of the coolest things on the internet are just not what they seem.  That’s true of the “What are your most used words on Facebook?” images that are going nuts right now all through your timeline.  Here’s a quick look at why you should read before you click...
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