• Climate Controlling Phone Case: Moab Review

    Phone cases, they’re a dime a dozen ranging from faux diamond covered pink offerings our colleague Geoff Quattromani prefers, to all out military grade, zombie apocalypse survival capable creations. Unless you like to go nude with your often $1000.00 plus unit they’re basically vital to prevent calamities. Recently a...
  • The New Temperature Gauge

    At CES in Las Vegas we stumbled across a very small, simple and innovative idea. It’s a tiny disc, with a battery, bluetooth and a temperature sensor. Called the Tempi, this little gadget can be worn, it could be placed somewhere in the house and via bluetooth it can...
  • EFTM Review: Casio Edifice ERA-200

    There is something nice about wearing a quality watch and having people ask you where you got it or what it is.  With Fathers Day proving to be an annual headache for kids and wives everywhere a watch might just be the perfect gift for dad.  So perhaps now...
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