• Snapchat location warning: Snap Map has a dark side

    Social media juggernaut Snapchat has launched a new feature which is attracting a lot of attention, but one that should come with some very strict warnings for users – it’s called Snap Map and it allows people to see you on a map. Now let me be clear, I’ve...
  • Alcatel adding fun camera features as standard to it’s range

    The Snapchat generation has created a whole new Augmented Reality feature to loads of new camera apps and social media apps – the face play with characters and makeup displayed on your face in real-time on your smartphone camera.  Alcatel is adding this functionality to the camera app of its...
  • Instagram Stories: Teaching Snapchat how to do it right

    If you’ve been using Instagram for a while now, you know how it works – post photos, they appear in a timeline, only recently that timeline has been upset by a new world order and an algorithm which changes what you see and when. But today, Instagram made its...
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