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    Arlo updates for 2017 with the Arlo Pro, Go & Baby

    Netgear’s Arlo range of smart-home security cameras have been a big hit worldwide.  The 100% wire-free approach to camera technology means an easier setup and simple installation – in 2017 the product just gets better with three new camera variants....
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    A smart shower – you read that right, a smart shower

    There’s a few issues with the standard shower in most homes, so why not use technology to solve those issues – that’s exactly what Moen are doing with their U Shower product being showcased at CES 2017 in Las Vegas....
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    The Sunflower Providing Smart Shade

    ShadeCraft is a robotics and tech startup based in Los Angeles. They have come to sunny Las Vegas with a world first. This is the autonomous shade, called the Sunflower. The Sunflower is solar powered, connects to the internet and your smart home devices AND contains cameras, lighting and...
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    Samsung’s super-smart Family Hub Fridge is coming to Australia

    The problem with these huge press and trade events like CES in Las Vegas and IFA in Berlin is they show off products that sometimes never hit the stores in Australia.  In January at CES we saw the Family Hub fridge from Samsung, and today in Berlin they’ve confirmed...
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    Telstra aims to bring the Smart Home to all Australians

    While I might have been banging on about the smart home for many years now, the companies involved in Smart Home style products like power, lights, sensors and cameras are all doing so as part of their overall business and don’t have the reach that someone like Telstra has...
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    Nespresso Prodigio Review

    Nespresso by far own the coffee capsule market. For years their machines have been bought and stored in kitchens to make the easiest coffee ever. The days of relying on the cafe for a coffee has reduced as a result of Nespresso. Each year we get to experience new flavoured...
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    Our Smart Stadiums and how they create smarter cities

    We’re starting to take this whole “WiFi everywhere” thing for granted, just as we do the expectation of good mobile data connection – not just the ability to make calls.  It’s because of social media and our thirst for online connectivity that it’s so important.  So how can we...
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    The Smart Shower

    At CES in Las Vegas you certainly get a variety of new products. A shower head was not one I was expecting to see. Hydrao is a company looking to help save water and monitor your usage in the shower. They are doing this with a product which replaces...
  • LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle at the Office

    Nutrition in a Bottle

    The only way to describe this is by imaging your Nespresso machine producing juice and being in a bottle and being controlled by your smartphone… whatttt? This bottle looks mostly like a water bottle. It does however hold five “FuelPods” in the top. The FuelPods contain different flavours, vitamins,...
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    Hands-on review: LockSmart – Unlock your bike or gate with this Bluetooth Padlock

    Australian companies invented WiFi, Racecam and a bunch of amazing things, time to add the smart padlock to that list with Dog&Bone launching the world’s first Bluetooth controlled padlock....
  • IKEA 40th Anniversary AUS Home of the Future_Conected Worktop

    The homes of the Future

    In a report on how Australian Homes will look in the next five to ten years we have some very interesting trends that may be emerging very soon. Some of which you could retrofit into your home today....
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    Would you trust a safe that was app controlled?

    Here at CES Asia yesterday I was actually taken back by an exhibit showing large safes which to me seemed out-of-place on many levels.  Firstly, is there a big market for Safe sales?  Secondly, why are they at a Consumer Electronics Show?...
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    The Connected Racquet Is Here

    For those serious about tennis, Sony may just have released a product that will improve your game....

    Cameras to keep an eye on things at home that really are easy to use – Netgear’s new ARLO – First Australian Review

    I’ve seen a whole bunch of cameras over many years aimed at the home market with home owners looking for an additional layer of security and peace of mind. They’ve been good, doing a good job of giving you remote view access, motion detection and more – as of...
  • MWC

    Why is Ford building Bikes? Is this the end of the car?

    When a company with the steep history in Automotive such as Ford presents to an awaiting crowd of media its latest vehicle – and it’s a bike – you’ve got to stop and take notice.  That’s what happened this morning at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona....
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