• The Kia Rondo Diesel – It’s A Deal

    Back in July we sampled the seven-seater Kia Rondo, a cross between a mini Kia Carnival and slick SUV styling but with hints of a hatchback thrown in. The top-shelf Platinum model mostly impressed me, with the exception of the 2.0-litre petrol engine. Underpowered and a little too heavy...
  • Review – Kia Rondo Platinum 2.0 Petrol

    There are numerous seven and even eight seat creations to satisfy even the most crowded family. Covering a range of segments some come equipped with all-wheel-drive others make do with front-wheel-drive. Most are SUV styled or full-blown off-roaders, then there’s the less popular van option. The Kia Rondo is...
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