• A Virtual Reality Droid Repair Bay: Now at Samsung Stores

    Ever wondered what it’s like to be on-board a Resistance ship speeding through the galaxy far far away?  Well Samsung’s hoping you’re keen to know and keen to take a job on board with their latest VR experience. Available in Samsung Stores across Australia, the Droid Repair Bay puts...
  • ACCC takes Apple to court over customer repair experiences

    Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commissions has launched proceedings in the Federal Court against Apple regarding potentially “false, misleading or deceptive representations” about consumers’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law. We’ve all hear the stories, turns out a few people didn’t just complain to mates, they called the ACCC. Initially,...
  • Why is my Telstra internet speed slow? Is this outage related?

    Over the last few days, we’ve had many more questions than is normal about the performance internet from Telstra customers – both home broadband and mobile – so let’s try and break down what is going on....
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