• Why was there a 3D printed car at CES?

    The folks at Divergent 3D certainly created a buzz with their stunning concept car the Blade here at CES.  Tucked up the back of the North Hall where the car companies are all found, their bright stunner really got some attention.  But what’s it all about?...
  • Hands-on with Officeworks’ $1499 CUBE 3D Printer

    Just the idea of 3D printing is enough to get many people a lot more than intrigued – it’s downright exciting.  EFTM has gone hands-on with the new CUBE 3D printer which is now available to buy from Officeworks across Australia....
  • Officeworks selling $1499 3D Printers

    National chain Officeworks has begun selling 3D printers in selected stores across Australia along with the supplies and software to get you started in this new printing revolution....
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