• Advanced Tech Coming to Australian Cruises

    There are many arguments and articles out there encouraging us all to get onboard a cruise, it’s a personal favourite. If you need to know anything about cruising and busting some myths around it, start here. When we were at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year we heard...
  • Frozen 2 coming to Cinemas in less than 1000 days:)

    In late 2013 when Frozen hit the Cinemas it was a runaway success, in early 2014 when I took my then 3 year old Daughter to see it the thing was still raging, and in merchandise terms Disney couldn’t keep up. So when Frozen 2 was announced, parents of...
  • New Technology Comes to Cruising

    Reporting from Las Vegas, Carnival Corporation have announced a major overhaul in the guest experience onboard their cruise ships. The ships in question include Princess Cruises. We have written about cruising before but not from a technology perspective. Today we are absolutely thrilled to be able to. The new...
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