• Drone pilot fined $540 for flying over Sydney Harbour

    Drone pilots have a lot to learn when it comes to where and when they can fly, and that’s been hammered home again today as CASA find a drone pilot $540 for flying over Sydney Harbour. The initial pilots brochure you get when buying a drone doesn’t really go...
  • Take note, the pen is not dead

    On a Thursday evening walking through the beautifully aged Queen Victoria Building in Sydney it’s easy to miss the architecture while staring at your phone. Tweeting, Snap Chatting, Facebooking and replying to emails. Communication is largely carried out on an electronic device and we’re almost at the point where...
  • VIDEO: Helicopter Pilot rescues a remote control plane from a tree top

    This is from the “oldie but a goodie” collection. Uploaded to YouTube a year ago, this cracking video shows a helicopter pilot rescue a crashed remote control plane for a young boy – plucking it right from the treetops!...
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