• Dessert from Existing Ingredients

    Some food items generate emotions, a spoon full of Milo can make you feel like you’re straddling a launched missile, licking Nutella from a knife blade will feel like Riverdance on a tightrope and turning bread into toast, well that’s just straight magic. But when was the last time you...
  • Podcast: Your Tech Life #323

    The Talkback Technology show – answering your calls, helping you with your tech issues and keeping you up to date with the tech news of the week. This week we discuss the Instagram changes and why people are asking you to “turn on notifications”, plus the guy in a...
  • MILO launches a wearable: Fitness tracker for kids

    Fitness trackers are nothing new, in fact the “Wearable” craze has been going for a solid 18-24 months now, but there’s one small corner of the market that’s been overlooked.  Kids.  And MILO have launched a fitness tracker aimed fairly and squarely at the 6 to 12-year-old market....
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