• EFTM Smart Home: Control your garage door with your smartphone

    So a Bluetooth controller for your Garage door isn’t new – though the last one I installed was great, it had no app and wasn’t much chop for multiple users.  So the opportunity to test a GoGate 2 opened up a whole new world. At $170 for the unit...
  • How to get your Instagram photos to appear in Twitter

    Social media isn’t as easy as it should be, mainly due to the corporate battles that exist behind the scenes of the average user.  Facebook and Twitter aren’t exactly friends, they are competing for our time, and our loyalty so when Facebook purchased Instagram a few little things changed,...
  • Belkin upgrades WeMo with additional features

    The Belkin WeMo range of smart home switches is a standard feature in the EFTM home and studio, so when Belkin announces upgrades to the software that controls the whole system you’ve got my attention and other Belkin WeMo users will like what they’ve done...
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