• My Week with a BMW i3

    This article is going to be very much a personal account of experiencing an electric vehicle (EV), we’ve covered Tesla and other electric vehicles but this is my first time living with an EV, driving one and understanding one. My day to day driver is a BMW 220d, the...
  • Our fully electric future? We review the BMW i3

    A profoundly different approach to motoring has arrived in the form of the most unique BMW to hit our shores, the i3. It’s about as futuristic, showroom-concept looking a car can get. But what worth is a pure-electric, four-seater car constructed with exotic materials like carbon fibre, aluminium, open-pore...
  • EFTM First Look: BMW i3 Electric Car

    There’s a common trend among car companies globally to demonstrate their vision for the future and their environmental sustainability.  We’ve seen the Nissan Leaf, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and of course the Holden Volt.  This week, EFTM got a first look at the BMW i3....
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