• Podcast: Your Tech Life #371

    This week I talk to co-founder of Tuniversity Kiko Doran who explains the concept of unpacking a song and learning the art of music in a more hands on practical way through their iBook. Plus the Nanoleaf Aurora is now available – my thoughts and review, and your calls...
  • Podcast: Your Tech Life #361

    This week I chat to Rob who is going through the conversion from iOS to Android – he shares his thoughts from the first week and a bit as we follow his journey.  I talk to callers about Cruise ship chargers, Facebook and your kids, Power outage alerts, WiFi...
  • Increase or decrease the text size in SMS messages on your Samsung Smartphone

    Sometimes you can take the simplest of functions of a device for granted so when a caller to my radio show asked me a question about their Samsung smartphone I was quick to answer but a little worried it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  So here’s how to...
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