gift guide

  • Valentines Day for Ladies and Gents

    Valentines Day is one of those frustrating days of the year, there is social pressure to ensure your loved one doesn’t feel left out. It’s like everyone is having a birthday that day and expects to have something to post on Instagram. Interestingly, research by Square has revealed that...
  • EFTM Gifts under $300

    When you step up the budget a little, gifts under $300 can be very impressive. Take a look at these beauties. Red Bull Racing Casio Watch Less than $300 and a style that will be worn with pride at the track and at the office. It’s not an over...
  • EFTM Gifts under $100

    If you are stuck for ideas on gifts to get the man in your life, or if you are hoping to drop some hints with people around you – here are our top gifts for $100. Coffee! The gift of coffee is one that keeps giving. Make sure you...
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