• The Scent of Football Greatness

    If you’re a famous somebody then there is a good chance you’ll be able to use your “personal brand” to create a scent. Paris Hilton, David Beckham and even Donald Trump has a perfume or cologne that you can wear. I mean, who doesn’t want to tell their date...
  • Armani fragrances – classic scents with an Armarni look

    The problem with blokes is – we don’t really care too much about how we look or put much effort into going out, whether that’s to dinner or a show, plenty of blokes will just spray some Rexona and be done with it....
  • POLO RED – The fragrance inspired by cars and speed

    Ralph Lauren. Say his name and for most blokes Polo shirts come to mind. But the American fashion designer and business executive has his fingers in many, many pies. EFTM has got hold of his latest ‘Eau de Toilette’, and it’s not the smell but the inspiration behind it...
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