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  • Foxtel Now Box Review: $99 well spent

    It’s always surprised me, perhaps stunned me, how many people use their Foxtel IQ box to watch Free to Air TV and wonder why they can’t watch Channel 9 if the system goes down or the box crashes.  It’s because of the “battle for HDMI 1” and our utter...
  • For $99 you can get Foxtel’s new Foxtel Now Box and it’s bloody good

    It might not seem like it just yet, but we’re seeing the rebirth of Foxtel right before our eyes.  Originally a Cable TV company Foxtel expanded to Satellite shortly after when Galaxy collapsed and since then their dominance has seen them operate as the only Pay TV provider in...
  • Foxtel Now launches with HD, Chromecast Support & a new logo

    When you need to signal a radical change you change your logo. That’s the situation today for Foxtel who have relaunched their brand for the first time in a long time, and rebranded, renamed and relaunched their internet streaming TV service. Foxtel Play has been an affordable and almost...
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