• Keep yourself cool – not the whole room: evaSMART from Evapolar

    So it seems the trend is personal cooling this summer, we’ve looked at a large portable Air Conditioner which can cool you and your mates together, what about this little one from Evavpolar – the evaSMART is a ultra portable personal air conditioner for your desk or side table....
  • Update Your Desk with new Tech

    Some of us are spending up to eight hours (or more) at our desks. It should be an enjoyable place to work and there is a good chance that we all can use some advice when it comes to improving our desk setups. Here are five items to bring...
  • 6-pack of Accessories for the HTC One reviewed

    There is little doubt the HTC One is among the best if not the best smartphone on the market today and owners of the device might wonder about the lack of accessories available to suit – EFTM has found a bunch that might just surprise....
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