• For When You Need a Bigger Boat

    Boat ownership can be the greatest thing in the world or a complete nightmare. For many, it is a purchase that feels like it has gone to waste. You invest in a boat and promise that you’ll use it ever so much, only to use it a few weekends...
  • Cruising as your next holiday?

    For many, when considering their next holiday, the concept of going on a cruise is reserved for those retired or ticking off their bucket list. After taking four cruises I still wonder why this is the case. Having recently returned from a cruise it is staggering to see how...
  • National Geographic reveals new photos of the Titanic

    The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has taken stunning fresh shots of the Titanic for the April issue of National Geographic magazine. Forget what you’ve seen before, these new shots will blow your mind....
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