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    If you care about your coffee, why don’t you own this?

    At CES in Las Vegas coffee is generally a permanent requirement, the problem is that in the US it generally is very poor black sludge. What the Americans have managed to do well however, is create a product to care for your coffee. When we’re back in Sydney our...

    EFTM Best Coffee 2016: Nespresso

    For many people, coffee is the difference between a good morning or a bad morning. It can be the fuel to get you through the workday or the fire to keep you alert and active at the worst of times. It’s often enjoyed first thing in the morning, or...
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    Nespresso brings you the Robotic Barista

    Nespresso have announced a machine that is slowly silencing the coffee snob among us. Nespresso have been great at keeping coffee making simple, drop a pod, push a button, get coffee. Put milk in the canister, push the button, pour it onto the coffee and drink. This new machine...
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    Celebrate International Coffee Day, All Day

    October 1st is now International Coffee Day. Yes, everyday is a day dedicated to something these days but when it’s coffee, we’re ok with it! We’ve put together a meal and beverage plan to keep you celebrating (and keep you awake) for the entire day. The Morning Brew Make...
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    New Nespresso Flavour for Aussies

    Nespresso continue to expand on their flavours in their range, some are limited edition and go away quicker than you’d like and some stay forever. The new addition is named the Envivo Lungo. Envivo is Italian for Live Long, the new blend is Arabica from India and a high...
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    Jura Z6 Review

    Jura is not new in the coffee machine marketplace. Just last year we tested the A9, an all in one machine that could help you make any coffee at the touch of a button. The new Z6 from Jura is in a sentence, very similar. There are some areas...
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    Save Time and Enjoy Better Coffee

    Coffee keeps the world going round. It is the substance that fuels us, drives us, and gets us through the day. Important conversations are had over coffee, whether it is positive or negative – doing so over a warm brew makes it all ok. Sometimes we drink it alone...
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    Nespresso Takes you to Mexico and Rwanda

    Nespresso flavours are far and wide, from all over the world and for all ranges of intensity. Their latest limited edition range comes from two very different parts of the world yet both full of vibrance and charm. The new flavour of Rwanda is called Umutima wa Lake Kivu...
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    EFTM Best 2015 – Best Kitchen Gadget : Breville Oracle

    When we reviewed the Breville Oracle coffee machine in August we knew we were using something special....
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    Nespresso and KitchenAid in the mix

    At an event in Sydney last night Nespresso took the wraps off a new coffee machine for their 23 flavour variations made by KitchenAid. The company famous for their mixers in the kitchen have extended their range further by making a coffee machine that only accepts Nespresso capsules. It...
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    Any Coffee With One Touch

    Having guests over for dinner is a great thing, having them ask you for a cappuccino after the meal though can be a very scary thing for some people. Not everyone knows how to make every coffee, lucky there is a machine that does....
  • tiramisu

    DIY Meals: The Easy Tiramisu

    Recently we did a coffee class with Jura and we were taught how to make a Tiramisu. This one was so simple that anyone can do it, so we had to share it. Impress your guests with this quick treat....
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    Caffè Italiano Nespresso

    They did it a few years ago and now the Italian flavours from Nespresso are back....
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    Coffee Beans As A Service

    At EFTM we have written about plenty of things you can sign up for as a service (here). Today we’re here to tell you about a new service we tested recently, coffee....
  • 20150808_095255

    Your in-home Cafe

    Many homes have adopted the pod based machines, we have one in the EFTM kitchen. With that said though we still find ourselves heading out to the local cafe for a coffee as a treat. Somehow it just tasted better. Breville has a machine named the Oracle which is...
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