• What to look for when buying a fridge! How they’ve changed over the years

    You may not consider a Fridge to be anything more than a box with doors that cools or freezes your food.  Well since you last bought one a heck of a lot has changed. Just have a think for a moment about how long ago it was that you...
  • Acorns now gives you guidance on your finances

    When Acorns launched in Australia less then 15 months ago, the idea was fresh, very new – to create an app based savings and investment process that required little or no intervention from the user.  And for me – it’s worked wonders. Today, Acorns adds a new feature which...
  • Seven ways to Make America Great Again

    Hey, I’m just an Aussie bloke who reckons we’ve got it pretty good here in the land down under – and I’m also pretty bloody lucky, I get to travel to all parts of the world.  Sure I get home sick, but it’s not just family I miss –...
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