• Backcountry Boiler is a compact water boiling solution for hikers

    Access to fresh water is always one of the biggest challenges for serious bushwalkers. The Backcountry Boiler is a portable container that lets you boil water efficiently using sticks and twigs you find on your trek....
  • Explore the Sydney Blue Mountains on Segway

    There’s nothing quite like getting back to nature. The fresh air, the native flora and fauna, the Segways… That’s right, Segways. Sydney company Tracks and Trails is offering tours of the iconic Blue Mountains Katoomba and Leura regions on the back of a two-wheeled gyroscope powered walk-machine....
  • Why not moonwalk through the Royal National Park?

    No, we don’t mean channeling the spirit of Michael Jackson while bushwalking through the world’s second oldest national park. We mean enjoying a nighttime adventure, seeing nature at its finest in the dead of night, with nothing but the moon and different coloured glowsticks to guide you....
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