• What the hell is Bitcoin?

    What is Bitcoin? What the hell is Bitcoin? What the F%$k is a Bitcoin? These are pretty common questions right now in the mainstream public, you’ll see them asked in Facebook comments, at dinner parties or just standing at the urinal. So, it’s about time we broke it down...
  • The $130 million pizzas – how one guy ate his multi-million dollar pay-day away

    Here’s a sorry tale of pizza and missed millions.  Way back in May of 2010, well over seven years ago, a Bitcoin forum member posed a simple question – anyone willing to trade 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas? This fellow had 10,000 bitcoins to offer.  Users in the forum...
  • So you want to buy a smartphone using Bitcoin? Millennius says you can.

    The last few months has seen a mini-frenzy of activity around online currency “Bitcoin” with the value skyrocketing and falling in equal doses as interest surges. But what on earth can you use this new fangled currency for?  Aussie online retailer Millennius thinks you might just want to buy a smartphone...
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