• Hold on to the Summer feels with these three beverages

    As the cooler weather is starting to set in, there are still some days where the sun shines bright and the days feel like they are almost a mild summer day, a day where a cold beverage is better than a warm cuddle in winter. We’ve been sampling some...
  • The Robotic Bartender

    At CES in Las Vegas we were witness to a demonstration of the robotic bartender from Somabar. This machine is extremely interesting and more advanced than it even looks. At a glance though this machine will take a bunch of liquid ingredients and make your beverage. It works by...
  • Doesn’t Taste like water and Isn’t water

    When it comes to vodka, it has always been used as a mixer. Throw it into a glass of lemonade with a wedge of lime and I’m usually settled. This time I was informed that this particular vodka was good enough to drink straight....
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