• Video Diary: Mobile World Congress ’17 – Day 5

    Trevor is back at Mobile World Congress for some interviews for the Talking Lifestyle radio show, but before that some time to check out the coast, have some lunch. At night, a big game at Camp Nou, the home of FC Barcelona – as guests of Oppo.  A busy...
  • Sony goes Ultra Slow-Mo with new phones in 2017

    Sony has been making top notch phones for a while now, but like many others cracking the market against the giants of the space in Samsung and Apple has not been easy.  One of the issues for Sony has been the variety of phones and variations they have marketed;...
  • LG G6 Announced: Go Big or Go Home screen-size

    LG have taken another twist in the road that is their mobile phone journey, walking away from last year’s “modular” G5 smartphone and launching the G6 today in Barcelona ahead of Mobile World Congress. The G6 returns LG to the traditional smartphone design, with one important twist – the...
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