• EFTM Best Grooming: The Barber Shop Barangaroo

    An award for the Best Grooming will generally go towards a product, a shaver, a razor etc. This year, the 2016 award goes to a place that has all of these types of products however someone else will use them to make you clean and sharp. When we first...
  • The Return of the Barber

    With most of Sydney under construction, roads closed and buildings sprouting out of the ground we are bound to start finding some new gems worth noting. This Barbershop in the new Barangaroo is one worth visiting. While so much of Sydney and surroundings have become full of day spas...
  • Australian Landscape photographer Ken Duncan almost arrested for taking photos

    What is it with some bureaucrats, have they lost all touch with reality? That’s the question being asked by Australia’s most renowned landscape photographer Ken Duncan after he was approached by Rangers at Sydney’s Barangaroo Reserve while taking photos....
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