• Nokia 3310 is back in Australia! Buy it for $89.95 mid-October

    Earlier in the year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Nokia rose from the ashes with new smartphone announcements, but the headliner grabber was the new 3310 – it got lots of headlines, but sadly wasn’t compatible with Australian networks. Operating on 2G networks, the announced phone was never...
  • Nokia 3310 enabled for 3G: Heading to Australia?

    With so many headlines, so much coverage of their announcements here in Barcelona, the disappointment for Nokia and fans of the 3310 retro handset is easily fixed: Enable it for 3G networks, and it seems that may well be on the cards. While not confirmed by hmd – the makers...
  • Nokia is back with Android Smartphones, but the 3310 wont work in Australia

    When Nokia’s global CEO stood on stage today in Barcelona and talked about the company’s networking business and recent acquisition of the Withings company he quickly moved to the elephant in the room – consumer mobile. In a strange turn of events, having sold off a failing mobile business...
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