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  • Intel – Simplifying the Choice

    Intel have done a pretty darn good job over the last decade getting that ‘intel inside’ message out there, and because of that they are clearly one of the better known brands in the world. Problem is, today – it’s more complicated than ever to work out if you’ve...
  • The power of the Twitter List

    Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) has long been touted as the ‘King’ of Twitter, in fact by many the ‘King’ of the Internet, having established himself in the role of leader based on the staggering number of people who are ‘following’ his each and every word – or tweet. Very soon,...
  • Pocket Projection – DigiShow Portable

    Taking Projection on the road, you can use this amazing little device to project a small or large screen – From your iPod, your iPhone, compatible Mobile, your DVD player or for the ultimate Gaming big screen – the DigiShow portable projector. Read my thoughts on the DigiShow portable...
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