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    That’s not a robot – THIS is a robot: The Furrion Prosthesis

    Its 4.2 metres tall, 5 metres wide, weighs 3,500kg has a top speed of 30km/h. But what is it? Well if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes and someone told me about it I’d think they had a drug problem. It’s called “Prosthesis” – a racing robot...
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    Last Day of CES, Desert Rock Climbing & Sinatra’s Fav Steakhouse: CES 2017 Daily Video #9

    It’s the last day of CES in Las Vegas and the EFTM team explore the floor for the last time, go on a rock climbing adventure in the desert and eat at the favourite steakhouse of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Dean Martin while sitting in Muhammad Ali’s favourite...
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    Podcast: Your Tech Life #346b

    Live from CES 2017 in the EFTM Studio talking to Ben McIntosh from Vodafone about the connectivity requirements of the modern world and how CES plays into their planning, plus Andre from Hisense talks us through their new range of TVs, Nick Segger distributor of EHang and 360Fly talks...
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    BMW’s new infotainment system and dash goes Touch Free 

    If you’ve ever driven a BMW you’ll be across its iDrive interface. It’s a central rotary dial that is now in its fifth update. However the future of BMW’s take on in-car control is about to alter dramatically, it’s called BMW HoloActive Touch....
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Mercedes-Benz Vision Van - Exterior;

    The Mercedes Vision Van at CES 2017

    Mercedes-Benz is known for its transit vans across the world but for the first time at this year’s CES an exhibit takes the humble courier van to a whole new level. Known as the “Vision Van” it serves as a mothership when it comes to the transportation of goods. It was revealed to the public...
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    Receive Hugs Remotely with Parihug

    At CES in Las Vegas the majority of the attendees are not local, they’ve come from across the US or overseas, like us. We’ve all left loved ones at home, wouldn’t it be great if you could still hug your loved ones? Sure we have FaceTime or chats over...
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    The New Temperature Gauge

    At CES in Las Vegas we stumbled across a very small, simple and innovative idea. It’s a tiny disc, with a battery, bluetooth and a temperature sensor. Called the Tempi, this little gadget can be worn, it could be placed somewhere in the house and via bluetooth it can...
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    Keeping your luggage locked up and tracked

    At CES in Las Vegas we stopped by the Dog & Bone booth to hear about what new products are coming this year. We saw some new phone cases but what really caught our eye was a new smart lock for travel. Dog & Bone, based in Australia, have...
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    The Concept Cars of CES

    While they may be far-flung, ugly and may never see the light of day the concept cars of CES are at the very least an interesting insight into how each company sees the future.  So we thought we’d wrap up for you all the concept cars of CES right...
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    Arlo updates for 2017 with the Arlo Pro, Go & Baby

    Netgear’s Arlo range of smart-home security cameras have been a big hit worldwide.  The 100% wire-free approach to camera technology means an easier setup and simple installation – in 2017 the product just gets better with three new camera variants....
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    olloclip Pivot is the Selfie Stick We Actually Want

    At CES in Las Vegas olloclip have some new lenses to show, which is what they’re most known for, but also a new Articulating Mobile Video Grip. The handheld grip doesn’t have a long extension pole like those ridiculous selfie sticks, it isn’t really for taking selfies at all...
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    EFTM Best of CES: 2017 Awards for our picks from CES

    With thousands of companies and tens of thousands of products it’s impossible for any one person or even one media organisation to see or even hear about ever single product at the show.  But for those many hundreds of things we do see – EFTM has chosen to award...
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    Cut the cord and Improve your NES Classic Edition

    At CES in Las Vegas we found a small product that NES Classic Edition owners will froth over. A wireless controller for NES Classic Edition is now available through Amazon and we met the guys who make them. The controller resembles the wired version but they’ve made some improvements...
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    Why was there a 3D printed car at CES?

    The folks at Divergent 3D certainly created a buzz with their stunning concept car the Blade here at CES.  Tucked up the back of the North Hall where the car companies are all found, their bright stunner really got some attention.  But what’s it all about?...
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    Alcatel adding fun camera features as standard to it’s range

    The Snapchat generation has created a whole new Augmented Reality feature to loads of new camera apps and social media apps – the face play with characters and makeup displayed on your face in real-time on your smartphone camera.  Alcatel is adding this functionality to the camera app of its...
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