Geoff Quattromani

You may have seen Geoff on YouTube where his tech videos saw millions of views or heard him while he co-hosts the Gadget Grill on Radio 2RDJ. In his day job though he is an IT manager, a lover of Formula 1, great food and wine and obviously; technology.
  • 20170110_115936

    Headphones for the High Flyer

    We recently received a pair of the absolutely gorgeous Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 headphones to review days before taking a 12 hour flight. The timing couldn’t have been better. B&O are very well known for their high quality sounding and high quality looking audio products. From in ear...
  • Mark Visser_ Maui Jim ambassador

    Reasons Why Cheap Sunnies will Cost you

    With Aussies living well and truly through the summer season right now, the message around sun protection is always heard – apply the sunscreen and wear a hat. Wearing sunglasses sometimes comes in third or just isn’t mentioned. It should be mentioned more often and there is some real...
  • 24121

    Protecting Your Wine Investment

    In Australia we produce sensational wine and we love to enjoy it. According to ABS data, in the years 2004 to 2008 we consumed on average 34 bottles of wine per person in Australia per year. If you’re buying and consuming 34 bottles of wine per year, are you...
  • IMG_2864

    The Scent of Football Greatness

    If you’re a famous somebody then there is a good chance you’ll be able to use your “personal brand” to create a scent. Paris Hilton, David Beckham and even Donald Trump has a perfume or cologne that you can wear. I mean, who doesn’t want to tell their date...
  • img_4794

    Receive Hugs Remotely with Parihug

    At CES in Las Vegas the majority of the attendees are not local, they’ve come from across the US or overseas, like us. We’ve all left loved ones at home, wouldn’t it be great if you could still hug your loved ones? Sure we have FaceTime or chats over...
  • tempi-03

    The New Temperature Gauge

    At CES in Las Vegas we stumbled across a very small, simple and innovative idea. It’s a tiny disc, with a battery, bluetooth and a temperature sensor. Called the Tempi, this little gadget can be worn, it could be placed somewhere in the house and via bluetooth it can...
  • locksmart-travel-on-water-vacation-with-app

    Keeping your luggage locked up and tracked

    At CES in Las Vegas we stopped by the Dog & Bone booth to hear about what new products are coming this year. We saw some new phone cases but what really caught our eye was a new smart lock for travel. Dog & Bone, based in Australia, have...
  • 1c82bed5ff54cabfab9f9ea2f49f747d

    olloclip Pivot is the Selfie Stick We Actually Want

    At CES in Las Vegas olloclip have some new lenses to show, which is what they’re most known for, but also a new Articulating Mobile Video Grip. The handheld grip doesn’t have a long extension pole like those ridiculous selfie sticks, it isn’t really for taking selfies at all...
  • 20170108_100152

    Cut the cord and Improve your NES Classic Edition

    At CES in Las Vegas we found a small product that NES Classic Edition owners will froth over. A wireless controller for NES Classic Edition is now available through Amazon and we met the guys who make them. The controller resembles the wired version but they’ve made some improvements...
  • square-off-06-1

    Virtual Chess on a Real Board

    At CES in Las Vegas we stumbled across an attracted chess board. Wood carved pieces on a nice and sturdy looking board. One person was playing with the black pieces, he made a move and then something rather amazing happened… the white side made their move. The pieces moved...
  • embertech_vernor-8949

    If you care about your coffee, why don’t you own this?

    At CES in Las Vegas coffee is generally a permanent requirement, the problem is that in the US it generally is very poor black sludge. What the Americans have managed to do well however, is create a product to care for your coffee. When we’re back in Sydney our...
  • p160496_29z

    Cooking a Meat Pie in 2017 doesn’t need your help

    During CES in Las Vegas we spoke at length with Whirlpool about the new appliances coming in 2017. Things that we knew before was the everything will be internet connected, but we found out why and what it meant in the real world. It’s easy to get lost in...
  • cowarobot

    Autonomous Luggage Is What’s Important

    Sitting at our desks working at CES in Las Vegas we see one gentleman walk past and a couple of meters behind him is a luggage case following him like R2D2. Everywhere this guy is walking, this suitcase is following his exact path. So here is some information about...
  • mywraps_lead

    No more tangled or lost headphones with Wraps

    At CES in Las Vegas it can be easy to look past the little strokes of genius when you’re only hearing about a wallpaper thin television. On the show floor this week we came across a fashionable range of headphones but with a bit of smarts thrown in too....
  • 20170106_151956

    Print on Post-it notes from your Phone

    At CES in Las Vegas we came across one of the award winners for Innovation. The Nemonic from Mangoslab. Mangoslab started in June 2016 as a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics and has now been able to bring us this little box of innovation. Being coined as a sticky...
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