CES Not Just A Tech Show

It's all about the car - a quick whip around

The gates have finally opened for day one of CES 2018. Tens of thousands of people are flooding the Las Vegas Convention centre to see what’s on offer. This is where retailers, industry associates and media gather to witness what is coming in the world of technology over the coming years.

But it’s cars that are increasingly proving to be a massive attraction. Technology is changing vehicles as we know them at a phenomenal rate. Advances in electric cars and autonomous driving technology dominate the stands of every major player. Here’s a quick whip around of what’s happening.

Mercedes-Benz is showing off it’s brand new MBUX infotainment system. The “Mercedes-Benz User Experience” is the focal point alongside concepts focusing on future mobility.

Nissan has a simulator that demonstrates its “Brain-to-vehicle” technology. The company is experimenting with a headset that detects drivers brain waves. The idea is to extract brain data to help predict what a driver may do next, be in braking or steering for example. This will add an actual human element alongside an autonomous driving system.

Hyundai’s main act is the NEXO, a hydrogen fuel-cell powered SUV. The ACT government has placed 20 orders for these cars as part of The Renewable Transport Fuels Test Birth initiative in Canberra.

Toyota has on show what appears to be a very futuristic bus or van called the e-Palette. This “multipurpose moving space” is a fully autonomous, electric vehicle that will bring goods and parcels of all types to you. It could be a mobile Pizza Hut, an Amazon shop or even a maxi-sized Uber. Some big partners are involved so it’s more than just a concept. Toyota will have it in action at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

Honda are showing off robots. They fall under the 3E Concept banner and include an autonomous all-terrain type buggy known as 3E-D18. It could be used in the construction industry or even by emergency services as a search and rescue vehicle. 3E-B18 is a platform mobility device that the elderly or disabled could use to get around. It understands people’s intentions and will follow you around! 3E-A18 is more of a personal assistant robot with “empathy” built in. This to me may see the end of the dog or cat.

Kia is showing the Niro EV Concept. It’s an all-electric version of the already in production Niro Hybrid, a car not slated for Australian delivery just yet. The EV concept is said to have more range than a standard Tesla Model 3. Kia is also claiming to have all cars available with 5G connectivity by 2030.

Ford want to be the leader in everything autonomous. In his CES 2018 keynote address, Ford Motor Company’s President and CEO Jim Hackett said that Ford’s vision is to become the world’s most trusted mobility company. Essentially, they want to create almost an iOS style platform that everyone can use. Ambitious!


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