Headphones for kids: JBL Junior – Volume limited for safety

Great headphones, safe for the kids

These are not the first headphones targeted at kids, we’ve reviewed others – but the important thing about these JBL Juniors is the mainstream effect, a big well known audio brand like JBL with availability far and wide through Harvey Norman – these will be a Christmas hit!

There are two variations on the JBL Junior headphones, wired and Bluetooth.  Prices are likely to be around $50 for the wired headphones and $80 for the Bluetooth.

Critical to the sales pitch here isn’t that they come in three different colour combinations, or are packaged to be aimed at kids, but that they have built in volume limiting technology .

JBL Safe Sound consistently limits the volume below 85dB – regardless of how high the kids pump it on their device. This gives parents peace of mind because kids don’t know the damage they can do to their ears.

And to make them their own, there are two big sticker sheets in the box so kids can customise their headphones as they want!

The JBL JR300 and JR300BT will be in Harvey Norman before Christmas and are a great stocking filler or outright present for any child with a device, be it an iPod, Smartphone or Tablet.


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