What is Fibre to the Node? NBN explained

it's using the copper lines? Won't that be rubbish?

The NBN is one hell of a big infrastructure project, and with the change in approach a few years back it became a whole lot more difficult to understand – Fibre to the where?

One common question is a simple what – What is Fibre to the Node?

Abbreviated to “FTTN” Fibre to the Node is a combination of Optical Fibre technology and the existing copper lines in our streets.

Around 4 million Aussie homes will connect to the NBN on FTTN – so when caller Steve called my radio show (Talking Technology, Weeknights 8pm on Talking Lifestyle), I took the time to try and explain just what FTTN is and how it’s going to work, offering better speeds than current ADSL internet.

If you’ve got an NBN question or concern, you can call me on 13 12 83 weeknights from 8pm-9pm, or send an email to take part in my podcast.

Check your own address on the NBN website to see when the NBN is scheduled to come to you, and which technology is being rolled out in your area.


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    5 July 2017 at 10:26 am
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    Hi Trevor,

    Might this podcast about FTTN be transcribed and delivered here?


    Michael Zerman, Adelaide

    • Trevor Long
      6 July 2017 at 7:27 pm
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      Click PLAY – then you can hear it:)

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