Record your iPhone phone calls: New Call Recorder device

A simple thing that you've not been able to do with your iPhone

Whether you’re in business or in broadcasting, now and then there are times you wish you could record your phone calls – but with so many people using an iPhone it’s been something that’s not possible – until now with the launch of the PhotoFast Call Recorder.

It might not seem like a common requirement, but it is a feature many people need.  You might be a journalist conducting an interview, or out and about making a business call which you’d like to be able to listen back to to get some of the details down.  Recording the call is critical.

PhotoFast, an iOS accessory company have announced a new product called the Call Recorder.

Priced at $99 USD, there’s no details yet on Aussie availability but you’ll certainly find it online.  It’s a simple concept really – plug into the lightning port of the iPhone and have the headphone (with inline microphone) plug into the Call Recorder Device.

Simple controls on the device, plus a MicroSD card make the recording and playback easy – all done through a “Call Recorder+” App.

File can then be shared from the app, and another advantage of the MicroSD slot is additional storage for your iPhone.

Available online; PhotoFast



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    1 June 2017 at 5:51 pm
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    Just remember that it is illegal to record a call without the permission of the other party.

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