Kogan to offer NBN home internet & mobile broadband

Partnership with Vodafone extended until 2022

The partnership between Kogan and Vodafone which kicked off to provide mobile services has been extended until 2022 and extended to provide more telecommunications services to Australians.

Working closely with Vodafone Kogan Mobile has attracted a large customer base with their discount offerings for prepaid mobile plans over 30 and 365 days.  In fact, in the six months at the end of 2016 Kogan Mobile contributed 4.2% of Kogan’s gross profit.

Now a publicly listed company, today’s announcement to the Australian Stock Exchange is a very mature sign for the company, as is the preparation of a long term deal with Vodafone.  This gives customers some sense of assurance of service, especially given many were burnt after Kogan Mobile Version 1.

In addition to Kogan Mobile prepaid phone services, the company’s new agreement with Vodafone will also see them offer Mobile Broadband services later this year, and NBN services in 2018, piggybacking off Vodafone’s pending NBN launch.

Great news for consumers, both NBN and Mobile Broadband categories are ripe for price disruption.






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