EXCLUSIVE: Sneaky Stan – small price rise changes entry level quality to SD only

In the wake of Netflix's price hike, Stan has made some changes too

Just days after Netflix copped grief for bumping up their prices at the same time as adding the GST, Aussie streaming service Stan has made some changes to their plans, though the top and bottom prices remain the same.

Stan has always had a great selling point – $10 a month.  Round number.  Easy.  Some months ago when they introduced 4K quality streaming, they added a new pricing tier to account for that at $15.

The old pricing plans

That price hike allows Stan to cover the costs of the additional bandwidth pushing content out in 4K puts on their business.

The new price plans

Today, there is a third price tier for Stan customers to choose – $12.  This is now the “HD” plan.

What that means is, if you’re on the base $10 plan, and have been watching in HD – your quality will now drop to SD.

UPDATE: we understand the price and quality change may not apply to existing customers 

Logical and simple pricing, but – a nice little kick to those who were loving the $10 HD streaming.

In a further blow for the $10 plan users, it is now limited to a single screen at a time – so when the kids watch one thing and mum and dad want to watch anothe, you’ll need the $12 plan

$2 isn’t much, and it’s not like these services are going up in price as fast as the motorway tolls – but, be warned – if the quality doesn’t look the same when you’re streaming Better Call Saul or Billions – that’s why.  Time to upgrade you plan.

And for what it’s worth – the 4K is worth every cent – it’s amazing.


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