Podcast: Two Blokes Talking Tech #298

Vodafone goes crazy on Prepaid recharges, the global roaming sting and more tech news

Vodafone is bucking industry trend and has launched 35 day expiry Prepaid recharges – this will result in big savings for many people and the blokes discuss the move.  Global roaming is still an issue for some,  we give you options and ideas on how to roam,   what will Apple launch at WWDC – is a SIRI HOME coming to take on Amazon Alexa?  Huge growth in the Internet of Things is coming to your home, The world’s most instagrammed places listed, and Stephen’s minute reviews..


Trevor produces two of the most popular technology podcasts in Australia, Your Tech Life and Two Blokes Talking Tech. He has a weekly radio show on 2UE, as well as appearances across the country and regularly provides Technology Commentary to Channel 9’s Today Show and A Current Affair. Father of three, he is often found down in his Man Cave. Like this post? Buy Trev a drink!
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