The app for the visually impaired to improve the movie experience: MovieReading

Just for a moment consider the movies without pictures...

You’ve been to the movies plenty of times – you’ve enjoyed that Dolby sound, the huge wide screen experience and the popcorn.  Now imagine that experience for someone who can’t see or has a visual impairment.

Great cinematography transforms a good movie into one that is truly memorable. It’s the way the light is shaped. The way the scene is framed. The movement of the camera – these are the things that are lost on a visually impaired person.

But – there’s an app to solve that.  One movie at a time, MovieReading is allowing the visually impaired to access the “audio description” of a movie and enjoy it in a whole new way.

LISTEN: Trevor Long talks to David Doepel about the MovieReading app:

Aussie startup has brought the technology to Australia through the movie “Notes on Blindness” which is a documentary following a man who begins to lose his sight and keeps an audio diary.

The simple idea of describing a scene – not dissimilar to how an audiobook describes a scene – to add to the experience of a stunning script and musical soundtrack.


MovieReading is free to download, and titles are currently free to download within the “market” in the app.

Creators and supporters of this technology hope that the audio descriptions of movies are given greater consideration in the early part of the production process.

App Download: iTunes / Google Play


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