Incase ICON Lite Pack Review: Simple lightweight backpack

It's not for every purpose but it fits almost all your needs

When it comes to backpacks there are a lot of options out there – but when it comes to carrying your tech around as a priority, the field narrows dramatically.

You see, I don’t need a water bottle slot on the side, nor do I need a spot for pens to slide in.  What I need is protection for my laptop, my smartphone, and space to throw in other items for the day or trip.

Enter the ICON Lite Pack from Incase.  At $149.95 it’s a mid-range backpack.  But it weighs just 680 grams.

The sleeve for your laptop has a faux-fur padding and makes you feel like your laptop is getting the royal treatment.

On the front there is a large zipped pocket I’ve found perfect for your phone, and a small top zipped pocket perfect for keys or coins.

Inside there is a heap of space, not enough for shoes and large items, but at “36L” it seems solid and will get you through a day for sure.

The straps are comfortable, and all in all it’s remarkable given the small size and weight of it.


You’ll find it at Surf Stitch and among other places – worth a look.



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