Samsung strikes early with 2017 flagship TV range: QLED

TVs just get better and better - but can you tell?

Welcome to the great TV race of 2017, first out of the starters blocks is Samsung with their pricing for the new QLED range for this year.

Hitting Aussie stores from April 17 there are three flagship series TVs from Samsung; the Q7, Q8 and Q9.

The big daddy of them all is the Q9 with it’s 2,000 nit brightness – a nit is a measure of light strength and 2,000 is a lot for a TV:)

Below that the Q7 and Q8 pump out 1,500 nits which will still be impressive to anyone watching.

The Q in QLED is all about Quantum Dot.  Now Samsung has had Quantum dot before, this is a nano technology that allows the screen to scream brightly, brighter than bright. And they’ve improved it also to allow for better viewing angles too.

For the lover of curved screen the Q8 series is all for you while the Q7 and Q9 are flat-screen.

Samsung are carrying forward their excellent single cable solution into a new “clear connection cable” which is an even smaller single cable running from the TV down to a box that can sit in your entertainment unit where your HDMI and Antenna connections are.

They’ve also come up with a “no-gap” wall mount which you can get separately for an even more flush installation – this all helps counter LG’s paper thin Wallpaper TV which we’ll see pricing for next week.

And don’t forget their on-screen interface is exceptional – hard to fault for simplicity and user experience it’s a real selling point.

Here are all the launch prices – good luck convincing your better half:)

Q7 Q8 Q9
QLED Q7 55-inch TV – $4,499 QLED Q8 55-inch TV – $5,499 QLED Q9 65-inch TV – $9,499
QLED Q7 65-inch TV – $6,499 QLED Q8 65-inch TV – $7,499 QLED Q9 75-inch TV – $14,999
QLED Q7 75-inch TV – $10,999 QLED Q8 75-inch TV – $12,499 QLED Q9 88-inch TV – $39,999

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