The Theta AR Jacket from Arc’teryx – Your all weather cover!

This one's got you covered

Have you ever been caught out when it comes to appropriate clothing for unexpected weather conditions. Well a few of my EFTM colleagues know that feeling after our recent CES trip. Lesson one boys, don’t go to the snow wearing only light jackets!

The ultimate solution for all-weather conditions may well be this jacket from Arc’teryx, the Theta AR Jacket.

The AR is Waterproof, windproof, lightweight, durable, breathable, and can even handle the snow.


The jacket is very lightweight thanks to a micro-seam allowance of just 1.6mm. It’s far from flimsy, the Theta AR boasts reinforced shoulders, arms and hips to protect the user in case of some kind of carnage, such as a fall.

If you know your materials you’ll be impressed by the combination of hardy, yet flexible, N80p-x & N40r-X GORE-TEX® Pro 3L materials, it’s good gear!

It also has a seriously good hood that features adjusters that can easily be used even with thick gloves on.


The Theta AR is no doubt a premium jacket and it has a premium price tag. It will set you back $869.99! You’ll find it online at

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