Print on Post-it notes from your Phone

We didn't need it but I guess we're impressed!

At CES in Las Vegas we came across one of the award winners for Innovation. The Nemonic from Mangoslab.

Mangoslab started in June 2016 as a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics and has now been able to bring us this little box of innovation.

Being coined as a sticky note printer is a slight understatement. This little bluetooth printer uses direct thermal printing to take a note or an image from your phone and spit out a sticky note in seconds. The great thing about thermal printing is that is doesn’t require ink or toner, it just needs the paper.


It prints extremely fast, literally seconds, faster than you could write on a sticky note. The only problem with that is, is that you’ve written it on your phone screen already!

The printed notes are saved in the cloud for later access. While the Nemonic has answered a question we didn’t really ask, we do like the innovative printing from the phone at such a rapid speed, mostly useful for images rather than notes though.

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