Looking for new wheels? Try the Doohan EV3 iTank

Great concept, they struggle in translation though

What sits on three wheels, is battery-powered, connected to the internet and can take on some light off-road fun? It’s the Doohan EV3 iTank, China’s first dual-front-wheel smart motorcycle.img_1826-2

The concept started with a Kickstarter campaign and is set for a US launch this year. It is technically a trike bike with two front wheels that lean either side along with the single-wheeled rear end. Power is supplied via a 60V LG/Panasonic Lithium battery that is good for around 80 kilometres of travel. One charge takes 6 to 7 hours while the top speed is just a tad over 42 km/h.

The BOSCH electric motor is located in the rear wheel hub, and provides instant thrust as with most electric units.


Connectivity is via an app that tracks real-time information such as battery charge, mapping and vehicle diagnostics and it can send you a warning if someone tries to steal it.

The front suspension is made of aviation grade aluminium and other lightweight materials see a curb weight of just 99kg.


It looks like great fun to be honest, far more so than a scooter or even a Segway. In closing I’ll sum up in verbatim as the struggling Chinese interpreted press release put it; “The iTank is enabled to overcome complex road surfaces more easily and render the driver a good time of driving”.

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