ING preparing to launch Apple Pay in Australia

Another one joins the flock, while the big three keep ignoring it...

Where there’s smoke there’s fire and it looks a lot like ING Bank is about to launch Apple Pay in Australia.  How do we know?  Well the terms and conditions are a dead giveaway for a start.


Loyal reader Ben sent EFTM these screenshots of his attempt to add his ING card to Apple Pay today.

Attempting this would normally fail at the first hurdle but it now we get to see Apple Pay Terms and conditions and several other steps before the process fails.  It appears there’s just one more switch to flick at either the bank or Apple’s end before ING customers can start to enjoy the tap and go freedom of paying with their iPhone or Apple Watch in Australia.


We saw the same thing when ANZ were in the final days of testing, so expect ING and Apple to make an announcement in the coming days, certainly within the month of January.

Keep trying folks, and let us know when it works!


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  • Monty
    19 January 2017 at 5:16 pm
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    Don’t get your hopes up, it’s been this way for months. Have a look at and all the people who are keeping an eye on it

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