Keeping your luggage locked up and tracked

Travel safety has gone one step further

At CES in Las Vegas we stopped by the Dog & Bone booth to hear about what new products are coming this year. We saw some new phone cases but what really caught our eye was a new smart lock for travel.

Dog & Bone, based in Australia, have announced the LockSmart Travel, an app connected, bluetooth padlock. It can be controlled by an iPhone or Android device, it is TSA approved and allows users to track their luggage when it is in range.


Location tracking, while only through bluetooth (short range) is still very exciting, as your luggage approaches the carousel you’ll receive a notification on your phone, no more embarrassing collections of the wrong bag. Furthermore, if you do lose your luggage you can say so in the app and any other Dog & Bone user will be able to help you find it, if the lock comes near their phone. A handy crowdsourcing option.


One of the things we love about this lock is that it isn’t actually complicated to use. Sure you can open it with the app but if you’re in range you can unlock it from the lock itself, no need to pull your phone out, it knows it’s you.

The LockSmartTravel is available in blue, black and red, and retails for $59.95.

More info here


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